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Section Venusti is a small section of the genus Hibiscus, composed of 5 species of shrubs, native to southern China (including Taiwan). Hibiscus mutabilis is widely cultivated as an ornamental, and Hibiscus indicus has long been cultivated in India and Indonesia.


The 5 species are Hibiscus indicus, Hibiscus labordei, Hibiscus leviseminus, Hibiscus mutabilis and Hibiscus taiwanensis. These species are described in the Flora of China [1].

Hibiscus indicus Burm.f. (Hochr.)
Spanish Hibisco de China
Achinese lungo
Chinese mei li fu rong

Hibiscus indicus is found in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Taiwan and Yunnan.

Synonyms of Hibiscus indicus include Abelmoschus venustus Walp., Alcea indica Burm.f., Althaea indica Steud. and Hibiscus venustus Blume.

Hibiscus labordei H. Léveillé
Chinese gui zhou fu rong

Hibiscus labordei is native to north Guangxi and south Guizhou.

There are no known synonyms of Hibiscus labordei.

Hibiscus leviseminus M. G. Gilbert, Y. Tang & Dorr
Chinese guang zi mu jin

Hibiscus leviseminus is found in the Gansu and Shaanxi.

Hibiscus leiospermus K.T.Fu & C.C.Fu is a synonym of Hibiscus leviseminus.

Hibiscus mutabilis All.
English (Australian) Rose of Sharon
English (American) Confederate Rose
Spanish Rosa algodón
Estonian muutlik hibisk
Japanese Fuyo, Fuyou
Chinese mu fu rong
Korean Bu-yong

Hibiscus mutabilis All. is native to Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan, Taiwan, and Yunnan.

Synonyms of Hibiscus mutabilis include Abelmoschus mutabilis (L.) Wallich, Hibiscus mutabilis var. plenus (Andrews) S.Y.Hu, Hibiscus sinensis Mill. and Ketmia mutabilis (L.) Moench.

Hibiscus taiwanensis L.
English (International) mountain cotton-rose, Taiwan cotton-rose
Austronesian languages viluwaq
Chinese tai wan fu rong

Hibiscus taiwanensis is the Alishan (mountains) of Taiwan.

There are no known synonyms of Hibiscus taiwanensis.


Hybrids have been created between Hibiscus mutabilis and all species of section Muenchhusia, with the former as the seed parent.) Consequently it may be worth attempting to create hybrids between species in section Muenchhusia and the other species in section Venusti, and between species of section Venusti.


  1. Wu, Z. Y., P. H. Raven & D. Y. Hong, eds, Flora of China 12: 290-292 (2007)

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