Jarandersonia Notes

Jarandersonia clemensiae (Burret) Kosterm.
Jarandersonia parvifolia Kosterm.
Jarandersonia pentaceoides
Jarandersonia purseglovei (Kosterm.) Kosterm.
Jarandersonia rinoreoides Kosterm.
Jarandersonia spinulosa Kosterm.

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Jarandersonia is a genus of 6 species of small malvaceous (belonging to subfamily Brownlowioideae) trees endemic to Borneo. They sometimes have buttressed and fluted trunks. The foliage is alternate, stipulate and subcoriaceous, with lanceolate or filiform stipules. The flowers are borne in subterminal panicles. They are hermaphrodite, with a 5-lobed calyx with a circular nectary, 5 spathulate petals, many stamens, in 5 clusters, 5 ligulate staminodes lying between stamens and the ovary, and an ovoid, sessile, 5-ribbed and -locular, ovary, with a unlobed style with an inconspicuous stigma. The indumentum is predominantly lepidote, and is found on the underside of the leaves, on the stipules and on the ovary. The fruit is globose, with a dense covering of stiff, prickly, hairs [1, 2]

They are commonly found in marshy forests [1].

The generic name honours James Aidan Robb Anderson, a worker on the peat forests of northern Borneo.

The genus was introduced by Kostermans in 1960 [a], with a single species, Jarandersonia paludosa [2, 3]. It was subsequently discovered that the same species has earlier been described as Brownlowia purseglovei, so this species is now known as Jarandersonia purseglovei. Subsequently 4 more species have been described [b, c, d], and a 5th transferred from Brownlowia [c].


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