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Pityranthe trichosperma (Merr.) Kubitzki
Pityranthe verrucosa Thwaites

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Pityranthe Thwaites is a genus of trees formely classified in the Tiliaceae, and now placed in subfamily Brownlowioideae of the family Malvaceae sensu APG. Within this subfamily it is placed in tribe Berryeae.

Until the last revision of Malvaceae [1] the genus was considered to be monotypic, consisting solely of Pityranthe verrucosa Thwaites, from Ceylon. In that last revision it was merged with another monotypic genus, Hainania, Hainania trichosperma Merrill, a native of Hainan, Guangxi and Yunnan in China, being renamed as Pityranthe trichosperma (Merrill) Kubitzki.

A description of Pityranthe trichosperma can be found in the online Flora of China hosted by the Harvard University. (restricted use policy).


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