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The "Outlines of Botany" is introductory material to Botany, which was incorporated in several 19th century floras. This transcription, covering plant morphology, plant systematics, plant anatomy and physiology and the collection of botanical specimens, was taken from J.G. Baker's Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles, but I have seen a copy in George Bentham's Flora Australiensis, and suspect that it was present in several other floras. The index of terms, or glossary, associated with this material, has not, as yet, been transcribed.

The notation and terminology used in this work, as might be expected for a 19th century work, is not wholly current. I have not footnoted obsolete usages, or otherwise indicated them, as I have done for some other transcribed works, nor have I corrected typographical and other errors in the original (though I have probably introduced some more).

Chapter 1: Definitions and Descriptive Botany

  1. Introductory Material
  2. The Plant in General
  3. The Root
  4. The Stock
  5. The Stem
  6. The Leaves
  7. Scales, Bracts, and Stipules
  8. Inflorescence and its Bracts
  9. The Flower in General
  10. The Calyx and Corolla, or Perianth
  11. The Stamens
  12. The Pistil
  13. The Receptacle and Relative Attachment of Floral Whorls
  14. The Fruit
  15. The Seed
  16. Accessory Organs

Chapter 2: Classification, or Systematic Botany

Chapter 3: Vegatable Anatomy and Physiology

  1. Structure and Growth of the Elementary Tissues
  2. Arrangement of the Elementary Tissues, or Structure of the Organs of Plants
  3. Growth of the Organs
  4. Function of the Organs

Chapter 4: Collection, Preservation and Determination of Plants

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