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[The] genera of the plants of the United States
illustrated by figures and analyses from nature by Isaac Sprague,... ;
superintended and with descriptions by Asa Gray,...

Transcriber's Preface

These pages are a transcription of the text of those pages of Isaac Sprague's Genera of the plants of the United States (published in 1848) which relate to the angiosperm family Malvaceae, i.e. pp. 43-94. The plates, and legends thereto, are omitted.

In Sprague's work the family is divided into Malvaceae, Byttneriaceae and Tiliaceae.

The notation and terminology used in the work differ from current practice in a number of ways: the taxonomic rank of order used in the work corresponds to the rank of family; ae- and oe-ligatures are not now used in botanical names; subtribe names are now marked by the ending -inae, rather than -eae; and species epithets are now never capitalised, even when based on a proper noun. Where known to me, other deviations from modern usage, and points where the current understanding of the facts differs from that of the time of writing, are explicated in footnotes.

  • Malvaceae Juss. (pp. 43-48)
  •     Malva Tourn. (pp. 49-50)
  •     Callirhoe Nutt. (pp. 51-54)
  •     Napaea Clayt. (pp. 55-56)
  •     Sidalcea Gray (pp. 57-58)
  •     Malvastrum (pp. 59-60)
  •     Sida L. (pp. 61-62)
  •     Anoda Cav. (pp. 63-64)
  •     Abutilon Tourn. (pp. 65-68)
  •     Sphaeralcea St. Hil. (pp. 69-70)
  •     Modiola Moench. (pp. 71-72)
  •     Malachra L. (pp. 73-74)
  •     Pavonia Cav. (pp. 75-76)
  •     Malvaviscus Dill. (pp. 77-78)
  •     Kosteletzkya Presl. (pp. 79-80)
  •     Hibiscus L. (pp. 81-82)
  • Byttneriaceae R. Br. (pp. 83-84)
  •     Melochia L. (pp. 85-86)
  •     Hermannia Tourn. (pp. 87-88)
  • Tiliaceae Juss. (pp. 89-90)
  •     Tilia Tourn. (pp. 91-92)
  •     Corchorus Tourn. (pp. 93-94)
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