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Doctoris Medici Parisiensis, Academiæ Regiæ Scientiarum Socii, & in Horto Regno Parisiensi Botanices Professoris




Edita altera, Gallicå longè auctior


Transcriber's Preface

These pages are a transcription of the text of those parts of the 1st edition of Josephi Pitton Tournefort's Instutitiones Rei Herbarieæ (published in 1700) which relate to the angiosperm family Malvaceae.. In that work 7 genera of malvaceous plants - Malva, Althaea, Alcea, Malope (as Malacoides), Abutilon, Hibiscus (as Ketmia) and Gossypium (as Xylon) - form the 6th section of the first class of plants, and elsewhere 3 other genera - Corchorus, Tilia and Theobroma (as Cacao) - are present. (It is possible that I have overlooked other genera.)

This work predates the modern concept of species, and treats species, varieties and cultivars indiscrimately. It also predates the use of binomial names for species.

The notation and terminology used in the work differ from current practice in a number of ways: the taxonomic rank of order used in the work corresponds to the rank of family; ae--ligatures are not now used in botanical names; and species epithets are now never capitalised, even when based on a proper noun. Where known to me, other deviations from modern usage, and points where the current understanding of the facts differs from that of the time of writing, are explicated in footnotes.

Tab. is an abbreviation for 'tableau', which roughly corresponds to 'plate' or 'figure' in modern usage. References to the plates associated with this work are omitted.

Within the text references are made to other works: Barr. Icon. refers to J. Barrelier's Icones (1635); Bocc. rarior. plant. to Boccone's Icones & descriptiones rariorum plantarum (1674); Cam. Hort. to Camerarius' Horto Medico & Philosophici (1588); C. B. Pin. to C. Bauhin's Pinax Theatri Botanici (1623 & 1671); C. B. Prodr. refers to C. Bauhin's Prodromus Theatri Botanici (1671); Clus. Exot. to C. Clusius' Atrebatis Exoticorum (1605); Clus. Hist. to C. Clusius' Atrebatis rariorum plantarum Historia (1601); Col. Part. 1 to Columnae Parte 1 (1606); Dod. Pempt. to R. Dodonæus' Stirpium Historiæ Pemptades; Eyst. to Hortus Eystettensis (1613); Ferr. Flor. to Ferrari's Florum Cultura (1633); H. Amstel. to J. Commelin's Hortus Amsteldamensis (1686); H. Cathol. to F. Cupani's Hortus Catholicus (1696); H. Edinb. to J. Sutherland's Hortus Medicus Edinburgensis (1683); H. L. Bat. to P. Hermann's Horti Academici Lugduno-Batavi Catalogus (1687); H. Mal. to Hortus Malabaricus, Indicus (1693); H. R. Par. to Hortus Regius Parisiensis (1665); J. B. to J. Bauhin's Historia Scilicet Plantarum Universalis (1650); Lob. Icon. to M. Lobel's Plantarum seu stirpium Icones (1581); Lign. to A. & J. Lignonius' Botanici Regii, in Insulus Americanis; Lugd. to Rouilly's Historia generalis Plantarum (1586); Marcgr. to George, Marcgrave of Liebstad's Historiæ Rerum naturalium Brasiliæ (1648); Mor. Hist. Oxon to R. Morison's Plantarum Historia Universalis Oxoniensis (1680 - pt. 2); Mor. H. R. Bles. to R. Morisons' Hortus Regius Blesensis auctus (1669); Oldenl. to Oldenland's Medicinæ & Plantarum studiosus; P. Alp. Ægypt. to P. Alpini's de Plantis Ægypti Liber (1633); Par. Bat. to P. Hermann's Paradisus Batavus (1698); Park Theat. to J. Parkinson's Theatrum Botanicum (1640); Pluk. Phytog. to L. Plukenet's Phytographia (1661, 1692, 1696); Plum. to Plumier's Description des Plantes de l'Amerique (1693); Prodr. Par. Bat. toProdromus Paradisus Batavus (1689); Raii Hist. to Ray's Historia Plantarum (1686); Raii Synops. to Ray's Synopsis Methodica Stirpium Brittanicum (1690-1696); Schol. Bot. to Schola Botanica (1689); Tabern. Icon. to J. Theodore's Tabernæmontani Icones Plantarum (1590); Trag. to H. Tragus' Stirpibus Libri (1552); and Zan. to G. Zanoni's Istoria Botanica (1675). Matt. may be a typographical error for Math., the latter referring to to P. A. Mathioli's Senensis Medici (1565).




Transcriber's Preface

The Corollarium Institutionum Rei Herbariæ is a supplement, published in in 1703, to the Instututiones Rei Herbariæ, in the form of emendata. The following page includes those emendata which relate to Malvaceae.

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