Malvaceae Info: Wanted List

Index Seminum

I am growing specimens of species of Malvaceae, for the purpose of obtaining observations and photographs for inclusion in the Malvaceae Info web site, and also for use in a research and breeding program in the genera Malva, Lavatera and Malope. Hence I am seeking propagation material (seeds and cuttings).

This page, listing the malvaceous taxa that I am searching for, is intended as an adjunct to my Index Seminum, for the benefit of persons considering exchanging seeds or other plant material with me (see also the Index Malvacearum for material currently being grown); if you came here via a search engine this is probably not what you were looking for, but the links within this page take you to material of more general interest.

I am working outwards from the Eurasian species, and hence the material particularly sought is -

Lavatera, Malope and Malva species and varieties

Lavatera, Malope and Malva seed strains

Lavatera cultivars

Malva cultivars

Althaea cultivars

other members of the Eurasian Malvinae clade



Otherwise I am interested in hardy annuals, perennials and small shrubs; I don't have the facilities to grow tender plants, large shrubs or trees.

Index Seminum