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I have a long term project of providing web pages on the Malvaceae (Mallow) family of plants. As a side line, I am also providing galleries of plants in the related families Bixaceae, Cistaceae, Cochlospermacae and Thymelaeaceae. Other families in the order Malvales - Sphaerosepalaceae, Tepuianthaceae, Muntingiaceae, Sarcolaenaceae, Dipterocarpaceae, Neuradaceae and Diegodendraceae - are omitted as they are composed of tropical species which I do not have the opportunity to photograph.

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Cochlospermum gillvraei (12 Dec 2006)

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If you have any photographs which you are able and willing to contribute please contact me at For reasons related to disc space, bandwidth and neatness, I would wish permission to trim, reduce and otherwise modify images for use within this gallery, though potential contributors would be given a veto over any changes. Contributors will retain copyright, which will be acknowledged.

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