Acropogon Notes

Acropogon aoupinensis P. Morat
Acropogon austrocaledonicus (J.D.Hook.) P. Morat
Acropogon bosseri Morat & Chalopin
Acropogon bullatus (Pancher & Sebert) P. Morat
Acropogon calcicolus Morat & Chalopin
Acropogon chalopiniae P. Morat
Acropogon domatifer P. Morat
Acropogon dzumacensis (Guillaumin) P. Morat
Acropogon fatsioides Schlechter
Acropogon francii (Guillaumin) P. Morat
Acropogon grandiflorus Morat & Chalopin
Acropogon horarius Gâteblé & Munzinger
Acropogon jaffrei P. Morat
Acropogon macrocarpus Morat & Chalopin
Acropogon margaretae Morat & Chalopin
Acropogon megaphyllus (Bureau & Poisson) P. Morat
Acropogon merytifolius Morat & Chalopin
Acropogon mesophilus Munzinger & Gâteblé
Acropogon moratianus Callm., Munzinger & Lowry
Acropogon paagoumenensis Morat & Chalopin
Acropogon pilosus Morat & Chalopin
Acropogon sageniifolius Schlechter
Acropogon schistophilus Morat & Chalopin
Acropogon schleffleraefolius (Guillaumin) P. Morat
Acropogon schumannianus Schlechter
Acropogon tireliae Morat & Chalopin
Acropogon veillonii P. Morat

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Acropogon is a genus, endemic to New Caledonia, of plants related to Sterculia. 27 species are recognised.

The genus was introduced by Schlechter in 1906 for the 3 species fatsioides, sagenifolius and schummanianus. Morat transferred the remaining New Caledonian species of Sterculia - Sterculia austro-caledonicus Hook f., Sterculia bullata Panch. & Sebert, Sterculia dzumacensis Guillaumin, Sterculia francii Guillaumin, Sterculia megaphylla Bureau, Poisson & Guillaumin and Sterculia scheffleraefolia Guillaumin - to Acropogon in 1986. He described three additional species, aoupinesis, domatifer and veillonii in 1988. He subsequently described, in 2003, in association with Chalopin, grandiflorus, macrocarpus, merytifolius and schistophilus, in 2005, again in association with Chalopin, bosseri, chalopiniae, jaffrei and margaretae, and in 2007, still in association with Chalopin, calcicolus, paagoumenensis, pilosus and tireliae. After that the pace of new descriptions dropped off, with Acropogon moratianus being described in 2015, Acropogon mesophilus in 2017, and Acropogon horarius in 2018.

(The name Acropogon reptans was previously mentioned at Endemia, but has not been published, and might be an earlier working name for one of the other species. The same is the case for Acropogon amoaensis, of which JSTOR has a digitised herbarium sheet.)



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