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Calyculogygas is a poorly known monotypic genus of Malvaceous herbs, endemic to Uruguay


The sole species, C. uruguayensis Krapov., was described by Krapovickas in 1960.

The genus is placed in Malveae, close to Sphaeralcea and allied genera.

The name refers to the large epicalyx which is larger than and obscures the calyx.

Calyculogygas uruguayensis Krapov.

Calyculogygas uruguayensis is an erect branched shrub. The blade of the leaf is less than 4 cm in length. It is ovate to hastately or palmately lobed, coarsely serrate, and with upper and under sides of constrating coloration. The stipules are ligulate (1-2 mm wide). The flowers are borne solitarily in the leaf axils. They possess 3 bracteoles which are cordate and broadly ovate, and which conceal the calyx. The calyx is deeply 5-lobed. The petals are red, as large as or a little smaller than the bracteoles, and biauriculate at the base. The stamens are very numerous, covering the whole staminal column. The style is purple, and 13 or 14 branched, with truncate stigmas.The fruit is an oblate schizocarp about 5 mm diameter, composed of 13 or 14 single-seeded mericarps. These are dehiscent ventrally and at the apex, but not dorsally, circular, ribbed on the lateral faces, roughened on the dorsal face, and with a sparse covering of tiny hairs. The seeds are reniform in shape and glabrous.

The chromosome count is 10, supporting a relationship with Sphaeralcea and allied genera.


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