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Ceiba is a genus of 18 species of trees. Ceiba pentandra is widely distributed, being found in Mexico, Central America, northern South America, the Caribbean, tropical West Africa, southern Asia, and Malesia. The remaining species are confined to Central and South America.


The genus is placed in Bombacoideae, close to Spirotheca.

The type species is Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. [1]. The remaining species are Ceiba aesculifolia (Kunth) Britton & Baker, Ceiba boliviana Britton & Baker f., Ceiba chodatii (Hassl.) Ravenna, Ceiba crispiflora (Kunth) Ravenna, Ceiba erianthos (Cav.) K.Schum., Ceiba glaziovii (Kuntze) K.Schum., Ceiba insignis (Kunth) P.E. Gibbs & Semir, Ceiba jasminodora (A.St.-Hil.) K.Schum., Ceiba lupuna P.E. Gibbs & Semir, Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn., Ceiba pubiflora (A.St.-Hil.) K.Schum., Ceiba rubriflora Carv.-Sobr. & L.P.Queiroz, Ceiba samauma (Mart.) K.Schum., Ceiba schottii Britten & Baker f., Ceiba soluta (Donn. Sm.) Ravenna, Ceiba speciosa (A.St.-Hil.) Ravenna, Ceiba trischistandra (A.Gray) Bakh. and Ceiba ventricosa (Nees & Mart.) Ravenna. [2]


An embargoed thesis reports the results of a of phylogenetic study using the nrDNA ITS1 and ITS2 loci. Among the sampled species, Ceiba pentandra is sister to the remaining species. The remaining sampled species can be divided into two clades, one containing Ceiba schotti, Ceiba aesculifolia and Ceiba samauna, and the other containing the other species. Similar results were obtained with other loci, with Neobuchia paulinae being nested within the last clade. The synonymisation of Ceiba pubiflora and Ceiba glaziovii is proposed. [a]


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