Franciscodendron Notes

Franciscodendron laurifolium B.P.M.Hyland & C.G.G.J.van Steenis

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Franciscodendron is a monotypic genus, endemic to Australia, of plants related to Sterculia. It has only recently been separated from Sterculia, from which it can be distinguished by the winged fruit, the genus having been erected in 1987 by B.P.M.Hyland & C.G.G.J.van Steenis.

Francisodendron laurifolium is a tree native to northern Queensland. It has apetalous flowers with 5, unfused, petaloid, cream-coloured sepals, 15 stamens, and 5 2-ovulate carpels. The fruits are tardily dehiscent, winged, 1- or 2-seeded follicles, with a membraneous pericarp.

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