Hibiscadelphus Notes

Hibiscadelphus bombycinus C. Forbes
Hibiscadelphus crucibracteatus Hobdy
Hibiscadelphus distans L. Bishop & Herbst
Hibiscadelphus giffardianus Rock
Hibiscadelphus hualalaiensis Rock
Hibiscadelphus × puakuahiwi K. Baker & S. Alien
Hibiscadelphus wilderianus Rock
Hibiscadelphus woodii D.H.Lorence & W.L.Wagner

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Hibiscadelphus Rock is a genus of 7 species (and one hybrid) of shrubs and trees closely related to Hibiscus. The natural distribution of all species is confined to Hawaii. Descriptions can be found in an online extract from a Manual of the Flowering Plants of Hawaii.

Hibiscadelphus woodii D.H.Lorence & W.L.Wagner is a recent discovery (1995) and is not covered by the Manual of the Flowering Plants of Hawaii.

All species are endangered to extinct in the wild.

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