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Octolobus is a small genus of trees related to Sterculia and Heritiera. In Thonner's analytical key to the families of flowering plants Octolobus keys out with Heritiera, which suggests that it is closer to the latter. Octolobus can be distinguished by the presence of 8 calyx segments.

There are two or three species, from west and central tropical Africa. There is a recent report of the occurrence of the genus in East Africa, but I do not know whether this represents a new species.

Octolobus spectabilis Welw.

Octolobus spectabilis is a small tree reaching 25 feet, rarely 50 feet, in height, or shrub, found in tropical Africa, from Angola to Sierra Leone. The flowers are cream or yellow in colour. The mature fruit is red, with shining black seeds. [1]

Cola angustifolia, Cola rolandi-principis A. Chev., Heritiera spectabilis Baill., Octolobus angustatus Hutch., Octolobus grandis Exell, and Sterculia spectabilis (Welw.) Roberty are synonyms of Octolobus grandis. [1]

Octolobus grandis Exell

Octolobus heteromerus K.Schum

Octolobus zenkeri Engl.

From the Cameroons.



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