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Malvaceae Info (home)

I have a long term project of providing web pages on the Malvaceae (Mallow) family of plants. This will take a long, long time. For the time being this Malvaceae Gallery is introduced to provide a home for various images of plants within this family.

The scope is the "new" Malvaceae (Malvaceae sensu APG), including Bombacaceae, Sterculiaceae, Tiliaceae and Byttneriaceae.

The individual galleries for various malvaceous genera (80 so far, with over 1500 images) can be accessed, apart from through the thumbnails immediately below, via the list of genera further down this page, via the site's genera index (which also indexes other material), from the list of recent additions, and from the species index. As these galleries are sometimes used in the pursuit of identification of plants I also provide a page giving advice on identification.


Galleries by genus

Abelmoschus Abelmoschus Gallery (25 images)
Abutilon Abutilon Gallery (135 images, in 2 subgalleries)
Adansonia Adansonia (Baobab) Gallery (7 images)
Alcea Alcea (Hollyhock) Gallery (33 images)
Althaea Althaea (Marsh Mallow) Gallery (37 images)
Alyogyne Alyogyne Gallery (18 images)
Anisodontea Anisodontea (Cape Mallow) Gallery (35 images)
Anoda Anoda Gallery (11 images)
Asterotrichion Asterotrichion Gallery (5 images)
Bombax Bombax Gallery (9 images)
Brachychiton Brachychiton Gallery (27 images)
Callirhoe Callirhoe (Poppy Mallow) Gallery (8 images)
Ceiba Ceiba Gallery (18 images)
Chiranthodendron Chiranthodendron Gallery (2 images)
Cienfuegosia Cienfuegosia Gallery (16 images)
Coelostegia Coelostegia gallery (1 image)
Coelostegia Cola (Kola) Gallery (2 images)
Commersonia Commersonia Gallery (7 images)
Corchorus Corchorus (Jute) Gallery (3 images)
Corynabutilon Corynabutilon Gallery (26 images)
Dombeya Dombeya Gallery (27 images)
Durio Durio (Durian) Gallery (3 images)
Eriolaena Eriolaena Gallery (6 images)
Fioria Fioria Gallery(3 images)
Fremontodendron Fremontodendron (Flannelbush) Gallery (32 images)
Fuertesimalva Fuertesimalva gallery (3 images)
Gaya Gaya Gallery (1 image)
Gossypium Gossypium (Cotton) Gallery (24 images)
Grewia Grewia Gallery (11 images)
Gynatrix Gynatrix Gallery (1 image)
Helicteres Helicteres Gallery (18 images)
Herissantia Herissantia Gallery (2 images)
Heritiera Heritiera Gallery (1 Image)
Hermannia Hermannia Gallery (17 images)
Hibiscus Hibiscus Gallery (226 images, in 15 subgalleries)
Hildegardia Hildegardia gallery (3 images)
Hoheria Hoheria Gallery (26 images)
Howittia Howittia Gallery (3 images)
Humbertiella Humbertiella Gallery (11 images)
Iliamna Iliamna Gallery (8 images)
Keraudrenia Keraudrenia Gallery (3 images)
Kitaibelia Kitaibelia Gallery (21 images)
Kosteletzkya Kosteletzkya Gallery (11 images)
Krapovickasia Krapovickasia Gallery (1 image)
Lagunaria Lagunaria Gallery (18 images)
Lasiopetalum Lasiopetalum Gallery (3 images)
Lavatera Lavatera Gallery (161 images, in 4 subgalleries)
Lawrencia Lawrencia Gallery(3 images)
Luehea Luehea Gallery(7 images)
Macrostelia Macrostelia Gallery(14 images)
Malacothamnus Malacothamnus Gallery (3 images)
Malope Malope Gallery (22 images)
Malva Malva(Mallow) Gallery (112 images, in 3 subgalleries)
Malvastrum Malvastrum Gallery (6 images)
Malvaviscus Malvaviscus Gallery (30 images)
Megistostegium Megistostegium Gallery (14 images)
Modiola Modiola Gallery (4 images)
Modiolastrum Modiolastrum Gallery (6 images)
Napaea Napaea Gallery (2 images)
Pachira Pachira Gallery (3 images)
Pavonia Pavonia Gallery (22 images)
Peltaea Peltaea Gallery (2 images)
Pentapetes Pentapetes Gallery (11 images)
Perrierophytum Perrierophytum Gallery (5 images)
Phymosia Phymosia Gallery (12 images)
Plagianthus Plagianthus Gallery (5 images)
Radyera Radyera Gallery (1 images)
Rulingia Rulingia Gallery (4 images)
Sida Sida Gallery (16 images)
Sidalcea Sidalcea Gallery (92 images)
Sparrmannia Sparrmannia Gallery (32 images)
Sphaeralcea Sphaeralcea (Globe Mallow) Gallery (19 images)
Sterculia Sterculia Gallery (23 images)
Talipariti Talipariti Gallery (17 images)
Theobroma Theobroma Gallery (23 images)
Thespesia Thespesia Gallery (10 images)
Thomasia Thomasia Gallery (15 images)
Tilia Tilia (Lime) Gallery (63 images)
Trochetiopsis Trochetiopsis Gallery (16 images)
Urena Urena Gallery (6 images)
Waltheria Waltheria Gallery (2 images)
Wercklea Wercklea Gallery (4 images)

Contribute to Malvaceae Gallery

If you have any photographs which you are able and willing to contribute please contact me at For reasons related to disc space, bandwidth and neatness, I would wish permission to trim, reduce and otherwise modify images for use within this gallery, though potential contributors would be given a veto over any changes. Contributors will retain copyright, which will be acknowledged.

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