Transcriptions and Translations of Historical Botanical Literature

J. P. Tournefort's Institutiones Rei Herbariæ (1700) and Corollarium Instututionum Rei Herbariæ (1703)

An earliest 18th century catalog of types (species, varieties and cultivars) of plants.

R. Brown's Botany of Terra Australis (1814)

A review of the botany of Australia, published as part of "Voyage to Terra Australis", by Matthew Flinders. This work contains the original description of Byttneriaceae.

Asa Gray's Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States (1848)

A mid-19th century flora of New England, New York and the Mid-West.

Isaac Sprague's The genera of the plants of the United States (1848)

A mid-19th century American botanical manual produced in association with Asa Gray.

Asa Gray's Plantae Fendlerianae (1849)

Descriptions of plants collected by Augustus Fendler, as well as a revision of some genera allied to Malva. Includes the original descriptions of the genera Malvastrum and Sidalcea and the species M. wrightii, S. candida and S. neomexicana.

William Joseph Hooker's and George A. Walker Arnott's British Flora (1850)

A mid-19th century British flora.

Joseph Dalton Hooker's Handbook of the New Zealand Flora (1867)

A mid-19th century flora of New Zealand.

George Bentham's Outlines of Botany (1877)

Introductory material on Botany published with several 19th century floras; the transcription is taken from J.G. Baker's Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles.

A.G. von Nathorst's Bemerkungen über Herrn v. Ettingshausens Aufsats "Zur Tertiärflora Japans" (1884)

Remarks on an earlier author's paper on the Tertiary Flora of Japan.

Asa Gray's Revision of some Polypetalous Genera and Orders, Proc. Am. Acad. xxii. 285-306 (1887)

A late-19th century paper on elements of the North American flora.

A.D. Webster's Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs, 2nd edn. (1897)

A British end-19th century book on hardy trees and shrubs for horticultural use.

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