Malvaceae Info:
Index Seminum/Seed List

I grow plants of the family Malvaceae to make observations for incorporation in the Malvaceae Info web site, and as part of a research and breeding program focussed on the genera Lavatera, Malope and Malva. Consequently I have seed of a number of taxa from that family, and wish to acquire seed or other material of other taxa in that family. My Index Seminum (Seed List) is presented here as an aid to the exchange, sale, or other transfer of seed; seed may be made available to researchers without a quid pro quo. Seed is normally only dispatched within the European Union and Norway

The Index Seminum is divided into the following categories.

Malvaceous taxa for which seed is available in large quantities.
Malvaceous taxa for which seed is available in moderate quantities.
Malvaceous taxa for which seed is available in small quantities.
My private stock of seed of Malvaceous taxa, consisting of seed which I intend to sow myself, and of which I have limited quantities. Exchange of seed from this stock for material from my wanted list, or perhaps other unusual or hard to find plants will be considered.
Cistaceous seed.
Non-Malvalean seed, i.e. seed of other plants that I have collected over the years.
Seed I expect to collect later this year.

The Index Malvacearum lists the perennials and shrubs that I am currently growing, and the annuals and biennials that I maintain from collected seed. This is provided to allow potential traders to ascertain what plants they possess that I do not.

For provision, exchange or supply of seed or other materials, contact me at