Andeimalva Notes

Andeimalva chilensis(Gay) J. A. Tate
Andeimalva machupicchensis(Krapov.) J. A. Tate
Andeimalva mandonii (Baker f.) J. A. Tate
Andeimalva spiciformis (Krapov.) J. A. Tate

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Andeimalva J. A. Tate is a genus of shrubs or treelets belonging to tribe Malveae and subfamily Malvoideae of the angiosperm family Malvaceae sensu APG, native to Andean South America. It is composed of 4 species, 3 previously placed in Tarasa, and the 4th of uncertain position but last placed in Malacothamnus. Andeimalva differs from Tarasa in its larger stature (to 3m in height), its lanceolate leaves (except A. chilensis, which has suborbicular leaves), and in a base haploid chromosome number of 6 (as opposed to 5). Segregating Andeimalva partially resolves the paraphyly of Tarasa in molecular (ITS) cladograms - Nototriche remains nested in Tarasa, but Sphaeralcea becomes the sister group to Tarasa.

As the paper [1] which introduces the genus is available online, and this describes both the genus, its members, and its relationship to Tarasa and other genera of the Sphaeralcea alliance, I refer you to this, rather than repeat the information here

Synonyms of Andeimalva chilensis include Malacothamnus chilensis (Gay) Krapov., Malva obtusifolia Walp., Sphaeralcea capitata Phil., Sphaeralcea chilensis var. glabrata (Phil.) Reiche, Sphaeralcea chilensis Gay, Sphaeralcea glabrata Phil., Sphaeralcea grandifolia Phil., Sphaeralcea peteroana Phil., Sphaeralcea viridis Phil., Sphaeroma chilensis (Gay) Kuntze and Sphaeroma glabratum (Phil.) Kuntze. Synonyms of Andeimalva mandonii include Malvastrum mandonii (Baker f.) Macbride, Sphaeralcea mandonii Baker f. and Tarasa mandonii (Baker f.) Kearney. Tarasa machupicchensis Krapov. is a synonym of Andeimalva machupicchensis. Tarasa spiciformis Krapov. is a synonym of Andeimalva spiciformis.

Tarasa umbellata has recently been rediscovered, and found to have a haploid chromosome count of 6 [2]. This raises the possibility that this and the other species (Tarasa reichei) of Tarasa section Umbellata, neither of which was investigated in the earlier study, properly belong in Andeimalva. Alternatively the coincidence of chromsome number may be a case of convergence, or an ancestral character.


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