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Plantae fendlerianae novi-Mexicanae:

an account of a collection of plants made chiefly in the vicinity of Santa Fé, New Mexico, by Augustus Fendler; with Descriptions of the New Species, Critical Remarks, and Characters of other undescribed or little known Plants from the Surrounding Regions

by Asa Gray, M. D.

Transcriber's Preface

These pages are a transcription of the text of those pages of Asa Gray's Plantae Fendlerianae (published in 1849) which relate to the angiosperm family Malvaceae, i.e. pp. 15-25. A revision of genera allied to Malva is included as a footnote spanning pp. 15-23, which is here presented as a separate seqence of web pages.

The notation and terminology used in the work differ from current practice in a number of ways: ae-ligatures and umlauts are not now used in botanical names; and species epithets are now never capitalised, even when based on a proper noun.